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Tess Guinery

“And suddenly —
the dreams started chasing me.”

A New Start


Saasha Burns



Happy new year! With 365 days ahead, it’s exciting to think of all the new opportunities and possibilities this year will bring. If you’re still in holiday mode and keen to slowly ease back into the fast-paced business world, hearing stories from like-minded people can help you gain the creative momentum you need. We’ve put together a few of our favourites to enjoy while on the road, by the ocean, or for slow mornings in bed.

One Plus One Equals Three: this book is a masterclass in creative thinking by advertising legend Dave Trott. The collection of provocative anecdotes will inspire you to think differently, challenge convention and truly innovate.

Glow Journal: a podcast series from Australian beauty writer Gemma Watts with candid conversations with leaders in the beauty and skincare industry. Witty and informative – with brands we love.

Our favourite episode: Rae Morris

The Apricot Memoir: a self-published book of prose and poetry by Gold Coast based artist and mother of three, Tess Guinery. For the dreamer within us.

Natalia Benson: a podcast series from Los Angeles based creative and astrologer Natalia Benson. Her words are powerful and therapeutic, and remind us that our thoughts create our reality.

Our favourite episode: Manifesting Affirmation

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