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“I think it’s important for my kids to see what their Mum is doing for them, and see that
as a woman they too can find something that they love to do for themselves.”




Saasha Burns



Mother of three beautiful daughters, photographer and long time friend of BEAR, Amelia Fullarton is a natural born creative. Her minimalist, ethically minded children’s wear brand Millk, that she co-founded with Karla Rose from Zulu and Zephyr, is made to be worn, loved and passed down to future generations. A few years ago, she captured our wedding day on the Amalfi Coast with such heartfelt emotion, as she does with all of her images – from editorials to moments in the kitchen with her girls. Following her life and journey on the Northern Rivers makes you appreciate the small things in life; that family is everything and happiness is only real when shared.

Wishing you all a Happy Mother’s Day, creating unforgettable memories with loved ones.

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Northern Rivers, NSW, Australia

Millk began in 2016 after my friend, Karla and I were finding it difficult to source thoughtful and practical clothing for our young babies in Australia. We started with just a handful of designs — with a play, feed, adventure, get dirty and be free in and then pass it down philosophy.

We always had the concept in mind of buying less, but ensuring they would be well lived in, worn and adored. Now, after three years we still try to stick with this by only releasing two collections a year and hoping Millk is something special and almost hard to get! Keeping things slow and balanced.

We try to keep our designs practical. Being Mothers ourselves, we know how difficult it can be to get kids dressed in the morning and really you just want your kids to be comfortable and be able to explore. Karla will often design something and then our last question will be to each other, “is it still fun?”.

We always have in mind that our designs stay timeless and classic, but not too serious or mature.

l believe creativity is something you are born with, creativity cannot be taught, it can be guided and influenced but a true creative has it from within.

Lately I’ve been really struggling with this idea that women should feel capable and balanced whilst working and raising young children. The truth for me is that the balance is quite often off, I mostly feel like I’m walking on a tight rope, at any point ready to tip over the edge. The key for me is listening to the warning signs. That maybe this week I’m feeling at max capacity and that l need to say no to that job because l need more time for my girls. I’ve learnt that l cannot feel guilty for which ever part.

The thing with being a working Mother is that you often do feel torn. When I’m with my kids l try to focus on being present and engaged with them and switch off from work, my phone and emails. I think it’s important for my kids to see what their Mum is doing for them, and see that as a woman they too can find something that they love to do for themselves.

Every morning l wake and find coffee. I usually take a long hot shower and block out the sound of the kids for a few minutes. I cleanse in the shower, after l’ll put moisturiser and lots of sunscreen over the top.

This Mother’s Day we are heading down south, camping with a bunch of friends and our families. Drinking wine and toasting marshmallows while our grubby children run circles around us.

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