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“A lot of my work, in particular my photography is inspired by the subject matter
and talent that I’m shooting. Every creative needs a muse.”




Saasha Burns

Photography and Artwork


Art Director, Stylist and Photographer, Amanda Shadforth is one of Australia’s most influential creatives and the visionary behind leading fashion destination, Oracle Fox. She is also one of the warmest and most genuine people you will ever meet. A true leader of style, Amanda’s discerning edit of fashion and art captures the imaginations of like-minded creatives around the world. A beach girl at heart, when she’s not in Paris and New York, you’ll find her catching waves on the golden shores of her hometown on the Sunshine Coast. We caught up with her to talk about how Oracle Fox first began, her love for the City of Lights, and her morning beauty routine.

Can you tell us about the inspiration and journey behind Oracle Fox?
Before Oracle Fox I was a visual artist and had my own boutique gallery. During the days in my studio when I wasn’t painting, I would spend my time searching the Internet for inspiration and beautiful images. I needed an outlet for the all the beautiful content I was finding and started Oracle Fox as giant mood board. Before long I started posting personal style images and from there it blossomed into this platform for me to connect with like-minded people all over the world to share my creativity.

A lot of my work, in particular my photography is inspired by the subject matter and talent that I’m shooting. Every creative needs a muse. So many of the clients and talent that we have worked with are not only beautiful but also have really interesting backgrounds and stories. I love tapping into their personal side and seeing the unique moments we can achieve in the photography.

You’re often in Paris and New York, what do you love most about the two cities and their cultures?
I feel so lucky that Paris really does feel like a second home to me now. I love the European way of living, everything moves at such a nice pace, it’s almost an old school approach to life, people believe in sitting down to eat and reading books rather than being enveloped in technology all the time. As a photographer I love shooting in Paris, the light is so beautiful, it’s almost as though it’s filtered. Not to mention the architecture, language and food… Perhaps I should just answer this question by saying everything!

New York is a nice change as the pace is so fast, it’s always changing and moving and you really do feel as though anything is possible. I love the spirit of the people, nothing phases New Yorkers and it’s a great attitude to be surrounded by to be able to make anything happen. Of course, I love shopping in NYC, the city itself is so eclectic and diverse and that’s reflected in fashion.

What are your travel essentials?
SKII face masks are a bit of an industry secret for feeling fresh and re-hydrating skin after long flight. Trust me, they’re an essential life luxury. My team and I travel a lot for work, which can often mean long flights and long hours, we always make sure we eat as healthy as we can on road (in between delicious treats of course) and never travel without vitamins, our team favourite is BEAR Explore.

For me the real essentials are a spirit for adventure and an open mind. When you’re travelling and in a place that you’ve never been to before, I love to absorb everything around me from the culture to the people and the food. Being spontaneous when you’re travelling allows you to see things that you normally wouldn’t see and sometimes that’s where your best inspiration comes from.

What is your favourite hotel experience?
During a recent trip to Paris I was lucky enough to stay at the magnificent Peninsula Hotel which has to be one of the most beautiful hotels in the world. Their suites have views over one of the prettiest parts of Paris and it’s within walking distance of the Champs Elysees which is very dangerous for my credit card.

They have a very famous rooftop restaurant where you can dine with a view of the Eiffel Tower, my team and I had dinner there one night and had to stop eating every time the tower lit up. It was beyond beautiful.

What playlist are you listening to at the moment?
The playlist to Master Of None season 2 on Spotify. One of the girls on my team is obsessed with the show and introduced us to the playlist and now we can’t stop listening.

What creatives are you most inspired by?
My biggest inspiration is always art and the artists I admire. From an early age I always had a love for drawing and painting and throughout high school I received awards for my work in art. After finishing school I decided to focus on making a living out of being an artist and was lucky enough to exhibit both nationally and internationally, which allowed me to showcase my work as a respected photo-realist in the industry for several years. Art has always been an integral part of my journey and I now use that creative space mentally with my photographic and styling work for Oracle Fox and the Oracle Fox Journal.

How would you describe your personal style?
Clean and contemporary with a twist. I’m quite a tomboy so I like to keep things simple, but I do love jewellery and accessories, I think it’s fun to experiment with seasonal must haves.

You live in one of the most beautiful parts of Australia on the Sunshine Coast. Where would we find you and your family on the weekend?
The beach is a really big part of my life and living so close I am in the sea nearly every day.

How would you describe your morning beauty routine? Are there any wellness rituals you include each day?
I’m very low maintenance when it comes to my beauty routine! It’s all about simplicity, really clean skin and good coverage. I cleanse, tone and moisturise every morning and then move onto makeup. It’s quite a basic routine starting with foundation, some highlighter under my eyes, then I finish off with Black Eyeliner Pencil and Mascara. I don’t do blush or lip colour, I like to just keep it really simple.

What’s next for you and the Oracle Fox team? Are there any new projects you can share with us?
There is no denying that Oracle Fox has taken me on some amazing adventures, and allowed me to realise many of my goals, some which were previously just a dream. My ultimate career goal is to continue to grow the Oracle Fox brand and to share beautiful original content with my readers. To be honest my greatest competitor is myself, so I am always working on pushing through my own boundaries and limitations, this is a really satisfying process and serves as an ongoing challenge. Being an artist by trade, I have high expectations and am extremely critical of my own work. The main focus is always working to continue the growth of Oracle Fox, the Oracle Fox Journal, our team and continuing to love what I do.

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