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“The way I look at life now, whatever comes our way, the future is bright
and exciting with our baby boy in our lives.”




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IN BED signifies those sacred moments before our day begins; the first sip of espresso, a quiet meditation, lingering between lived-in linen sheets. Inspired by creatives and how they live, husband and wife Eddie and Pip founded IN BED in 2013; a small, but perfectly formed collection of stonewashed linen and a curated edit of essentials from like-minded makers. Since then, they have established a print Journal, an insight into the lives and homes of those they admire, opened a flagship store in Sydney’s leafy Paddington and welcomed their first child, Walt, into the world. Despite being new parents, the entrepreneurial couple value the importance of a good nights rest — and for us, their sustainable, luxury bedding and sleepwear is the perfect place to start. We caught up with Eddie to discuss his morning wellness rituals and how he will be spending Father’s Day with his family.

Paddington, Sydney

Can you tell us the story of IN BED and the inspiration behind the brand?
At the heart of what we do is an appreciation for creativity, quality and community. My wife Pip and myself both have a great appreciation for brands with a strong DNA and ethos. Brands that deliver on both great product and an emotional connection. When the spark for IN BED was born in 2012, there really wasn’t anything like this in the realm of homewares — something that spoke to us the way a great fashion brand did. Homewares brands were either very high end and slightly stuffy with a more traditional customer in mind, or mass produced and overly trend driven. We wanted to create a brand that represented our tastes; classic, utilitarian, simple and beautiful. Simply put, we set out to create thoughtful essentials for everyday life. Our focus is on creating classic and timeless products that are made to be lived in and loved for years to come.

What are you bedside essentials?
I always have a big glass of water next to the bed and recently the addition of a white noise machine and water diffuser we add a few drops of lavender oil to. We’ve started using these in our room since our 10 week old baby boy, Walter has come along. Both help him to settle and sleep and create a really calm sleep environment for all of us.

Can you share your morning wellness rituals?
I’m an early riser. Like 4.30am early. I wake up, throw my joggers on and meet three of four friends at Bondi Beach, where we do circuit training. I love running, so our morning training involves lots of it. In the spring and summer months, the sunrise comes up when we are about half way through our training session which is just magic. By 6am we’re done so I always try to jump in for a swim after. You never regret a swim. If I can get a 20 minute meditation in post-swim — amazing, otherwise I head straight for a coffee before I drive back home to see my wife, baby boy and our dog buddy and have a breakfast of either oats or avocado on toast. Buddy comes to work with me everyday, so the next part of our morning ritual is to make the walk from home to our flagship store in Paddington, via another coffee. It’s probably not great to have two coffees before 9am, but considering I’m getting up early each morning, I feel like I deserve it.

What local creatives are you most inspired by?
I find inspiration from many different people, places and disciplines. I love architecture and interiors. The effect it has on both the physical and emotional senses is powerful. When a designer can execute that successfully, it’s magic. I’ve got such varied taste in architecture. I love the work of Studio Mumbai (not local) but inspiring nonetheless. Or looking at the endless talent in my own city, I’ve always loved the work of William Smart of Smart Studios, or Chenchow Little Architects. Recently, I was also blown away by the talent of Raoul Marks of Antibody, an Emmy-award winning filmmaker and designer based in Melbourne. I saw him speak at a Semi Permanent event in Sydney around the process he and his creative partner, Patrick Clair work through to create title sequences for series such as Westworld, The Crown and True Detective. It’s such a different space of work than what I’m involved in, but I loved hearing about their incredible creative process they undertake.

Can you tell us about your work with Women’s Community Shelters and, as a business, the importance of giving back?
Women’s Community Shelter offers women at risk of homelessness or domestic violence shelter, and empowers them with a sense of dignity and greater self-esteem. They work with local communities to establish new shelters across NSW. Over 80% of our customers are women, and so, as a way to give back to our community we make an ongoing monthly monetary donation, as well as provide ongoing donations of bed linen sets for use in the shelters and host annual fundraising activities, with all proceeds going directly to WCS. Working with a charity or cause is something we feel is really important for all businesses. It keeps you accountable, grounded, and gets you out of your own headspace, instead of just concentrating on what you’re doing as a business. It also just feels great to give back.

What do you love most about being a new father?
Our baby boy Walter is only 10 weeks old, so in these early stages of fatherhood, the changes and evolution you witness are just incredible. Not just the physical changes as they grow, but seeing their interaction with the people and world around them. That moment when they first smile back at you is such a special feeling. And knowing that these sorts of moments will continue, week to week, as they develop, and your connection with each other will grow is very special. They really put everything in perspective for you. I love my morning cuddles with the little guy before I head off to work. The way I look at life now, whatever comes our way, the future is bright and exciting with our baby boy in our lives. He makes me a better person.

How will you be spending Father’s Day?
A surf, a coffee and a long stroll through the park with Walt and Pip. And hopefully Italian for lunch.

What’s next on the horizon?
We have some exciting new products launching in the next month or two, as well as some new brand partnerships and experiences, including our new e-commerce site which goes live next month and which will bring a richer online experience to our community. On a personal note, I’ll continue learning about fatherhood and navigating my way through all the challenges that brings.

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