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“Being creative and original means being you and letting your mind and tastes expand.
Trying out different things, experiencing and finding what fits and expresses your
personality the best. Be wild and be free.”




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Inka Williams is, quite literally, a force for nature. The international model and environmentalist uses her strong influence to voice issues close to her heart, from ocean pollution to the paradox of her homeland; a paradise turned tourist playground. Born in Melbourne, Australia Inka grew up on the island of Bali, Indonesia and is soon to make the move to Los Angeles for her career, one that has taken her across the world for Grazia, ELLE and the latest 90s BONDS campaign. We connected with her incredible warmth, intelligence and free spirit in Rajasthan, India for Leaders of Style III, and took the opportunity to learn more about her island upbringing and what it means to be a true original.

Canggu, Bali

Bali for now, LA soon to come

We loved celebrating our second birthday with you in Rajasthan, India for Leaders of Style III. What was your highlight from the trip?
I had such a special time at the BEAR Leaders of Style III event. Between the perfectly set meals and itinerary, to deep conversations with the best crew, everything was exceptional. But I have to say the true highlight of my trip was going into the wild on an open-roof jeep. I felt so free, and had never been in a natural reserve with such special flora and fauna. Tigers are one of my favourite animals, so seeing them in their natural habitat was definitely a highlight. Staying at Aman-i-Khas was also a once in a lifetime experience. Apparently a female tiger came into the camp at night! That was exciting to hear as it meant we truly were in the wild.

What did you love most about India; the home of wellness?
There was a lot I loved about India. The freedom of living without strict laws reminds me of home. The fruits, flowers, and kind women dressed in colourful saris and outfits brighten the streets in a place that can be a little dark as some cultures and traditions are overpowering and stagnated.

You’re passionate about conservation and protecting the environment for future generations - we love that you use your voice and influence to create awareness for global issues. What are your greatest concerns for our planet, and how can we all create positive change?
One of my biggest concerns about the planet is overconsumption. We all constantly want more, need more, buy more. It all comes from a place of greed, made to destroy the natural cycle of the planet. What scares me is the massive corporations that have so much control over society and make all the wrong choices. There are so many people on this planet, are there enough recourses? Do we need so much to be happy?

Where would we find you on a Sunday afternoon in Bali?
On a beach with a coconut or at home with my cats and dogs.

What destination are you yet to explore and would love to travel to?
I would love to go to Jamaica. Also, I feel like there is still so much I want to see in Indonesia, after all it is the largest archipelago of islands in the world.

As a true creative, what does originality mean to you?
I think being creative and original means being you and letting your mind and tastes expand. Trying out different things, experiencing and finding what fits and expresses your personality the best. Be wild and be free!

What exciting projects are on the horizon?
So many! I am manifesting and slowly creating with time. I’m still young but I’m trying to make the most that I can happen, but I’m also letting it flow. I would love to get into acting, and do more for the environment. I am working on a little eco-friendly collection to give the profits to a charity. That’s still in the process, slowly but surely.

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