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“The ocean is my home and the reason I first became passionate about sustainability.”




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Somewhere between snowboarding the mountains of Montana and chasing waves in Byron Bay, Dylan Garft and Luke Zocchi had the idea to truly change the way we consume coffee. In Australia alone we send close to 3 million coffee pods and takeaway coffee cups into land fill — every single day. In 2017 the best mates and environmentalists founded SIPP instant zero-waste coffee, a sustainable start-up committed to creating change. SIPP is packaged in innovative plant-based compostable bags that biodegrade to its natural components within 26 weeks, leaving only safe compost with which to nourish the next seasons planting. We caught up with Dylan and Luke to hear more about their journey, their mission to make a positive difference and how they take their morning coffee.

Byron Bay, Australia

Byron Bay, Australia

Can you tell us a little bit about your journey and the story behind SIPP?
Our journey began years before starting a business together. I owned a boutique design agency and that’s where Luke and I met, he enlisted us to design his website — we got along from our first meeting and quickly became best mates. Luke travels a lot with Chris and always found it hard to get a good cup of coffee on the road. This is where the idea for SIPP came from; our mission was to create a product that was convenient, healthy and had minimal impact on our environment. It was a long road but we are very proud of what we have created.

SIPPs packaging is 100% home compostable, made entirely from plant based materials. Can you explain how this process works?
Sourcing our packaging was the biggest hurdle for us as no one was producing certified home- compostable packaging. Luckily we found the right partners who were willing to work with us on developing our coffee bags, which are made from 100% plant based materials, primarily the Eucalyptus tree. The actual manufacturing process is heavily guarded, but luckily, the material is available to any business wanting to use it.

Why is sustainability so important to you and your business?
It comes down to the bigger picture. What is your purpose while on this planet? Our goal is to leave it better than it was before us. We’re at a critical point in history regarding the environment and have to act now. I have a young daughter and I want to make sure I do everything possible to give her the best future.

We are both committed to protecting the rich bio-diversity of our planet and the wildlife that inhabit it through our work with WildArk. Why is being a socially responsible business so important to you and your customers?
More and more customers are choosing to shop with socially responsible businesses. For us, it wasn’t a decision made out of the necessity to adapt to todays business landscape, rather we were those same customers. We took the opportunity of founding SIPP to be part of a larger environmental movement.

How did growing up on the Northern Rivers influence your approach to wellness?
I was extremely lucky to have grown up in Byron Bay. It is a unique country town in Australia with a huge focus on sustainability as well as health and wellness. I can still remember as a kid seeing another kid eating white bread — I ran to mum my to tell her he was eating a kitchen sponge — I’d literally never seen white bread as mum would bake our own healthy bread. My mum truly set my foundations for a healthy lifestyle.

What local creatives are you most inspired by?
My biggest inspiration is my partner, Lisa Welsh, the General Manager at Spell & The Gypsy Collective. They are really leading the fight in sustainable fashion; always looking at improving their business practices and being transparent along the way. I am extremely lucky to have Lisa as a sounding board for SIPP. I am also inspired by nature. The ocean is my home and the reason I first became passionate about sustainability. Surfing keeps me healthy and nothing can calm you like the ocean.

Can you share your morning health rituals?
My morning generally starts somewhere between 5am and 6am, with a big cuddle from my 16 month- old daughter. Seriously best way to start the day. Then coffee. Our coconut coffee is filled with nutrient rich vitamins, from the coconut creamer, and micro-encapsulated, heat resistant probiotics. Gut health is incredibly important and essential to your general wellbeing.

What’s next on the horizon?
Sticking to our true north, keeping it simple and enjoying the journey.

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