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“Wellness, and in particular internal wellness, has been on our radar for some time.”




Saasha Burns



On May 30 BEAR launched into MECCA Trove exclusively within Australia and New Zealand, an exciting moment indeed! As part of an exclusive edit of global beauty, BEAR is the first ingestible brand to be stocked at the beauty retailer, speaking to our joint commitment to integrate health and wellness into our morning beauty and grooming routines. We caught up with Creative Director of MECCA Brands, Marita Burke, to discuss the new partnership, why she was drawn to the BEAR brand and of course, to gain a little insight into her daily beauty rituals.

Can you tell us a little bit about your background and the MECCA story?
I joined MECCA just over 10 years ago. My role is Creative Director and that involves working across areas such as our brand offer, our store designs, our customer communications and the MECCA Signature Line business. It is incredibly varied, never dull and a lot of fun. I do love it – it’s a wonderful business filled with great people, great products and loads of opportunity.
It’s great!

Describe your morning routine.
It’s not as interesting as I would like it to be, but it is fast! I have two children that have to get to school so getting them sorted does take precedence over my beauty routine. It’s a face cleanse with Sunday Riley Blue Moon (that’s removed in the shower!), a serum (Hourglass Equilibrium) and a never-fail moisturiser – I love the Chantecaille Biodynamic Lifting Cream. Then I pop on some tinted NARS moisturiser and an Hourglass bronzer for mid-winter in Melbourne. Someone once told me that if you have little time for finessing your makeup, just go with a bold lipstick – so I must admit, I do that quite a bit. Then it’s breakfast and out the door. Almost every morning I head to Teaspoon on High Street Prahran for my coffee and then on to the office.

What drew you to the BEAR brand?
Wellness, and in particular internal wellness, has been on our radar for some time. Because it’s about ingestibles we wanted to make sure we were finding the best possible brand – a brand that can deliver on performance, and understands the MECCA customer. Up untilnow there hasn’t been a brand that has met that criteria so when BEAR came across our desk it was an easy decision. We love that it’s Australian and we love supporting female entrepreneurs and that we can bring this experience to life for our customers.

What advice would you give to young entrepreneurs?
Back yourself and surround yourself with great people. Our founder Jo Horgan really lives by this and encourages each and every person working at MECCA to do the very same. It is simple, but incredibly smart.

What are your favourite hangouts in Melbourne on a weekend away from work?
(Despite the sportsgrounds of my children’s schools!) I seem to be spending more time around Smith Street in Collingwood with the amazing places for breakfast (Alimentari). You will always find me walking the tan – that is a mandatory. Some shopping in Prahran or Armadale. We do love to eat out so a meal at Marion or Cumulus Inc is typically in there, and now Tokyo Tina which is on high rotation as a family weekend dinner venue.

Can you give us a little insight into what influences your vision for MECCA?
It’s design, it’s fashion, it’s music, I really take creative inspiration from a lot of different touchpoints. Ultimately I’m driven to find new ways to give our customers the very best beauty experience. I want to surprise them, I always want us to be ahead of the curve, with products and experiences they didn’t even know they wanted. It really is all about the bigger brand experience – from the architecture and design of the stores, to the brands we deliver, the service we offer – we try to make it beautiful as well as sensorial.

What brands are you most inspired by at the moment?
I never fail to be inspired by NARS, the recent Charlotte Gainsbourg collaboration was just genius, the way they inserted their brand into the world of fashion and the arts was really inspiring, their collaborations are never obvious but they always work. What Byredo is doing with the kabuki brush is incredible, and I’m also super impressed with RMS which is delivering high-performance artistry with products which are one hundred per cent natural – it’s a massive step forward for the industry.

What projects are you looking forward to?
Well I’ve loved launching BEAR in MECCA. It’s been great to watch our customers step into this new category with confidence. We are launching a really exciting new brand in August and evolving our MECCA Maxima and MECCA Cosmetica concept over the next 12 months – there’s a lot on!

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