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“Travelling is what inspires me to keep picking up the camera and share my stories.”




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Whether apartment hunting in East London, on the BAFTAS red carpet, or adding another stamp to her well-travelled passport — Jessie Bush has style in spades. One of the original fashion bloggers, her online lifestyle destination, We the People began as a creative outlet before quickly leading the vanguard in street-style photography. Wildly funny, with an innate sense of adventure, the New Zealand native creates a colourful visual narrative on her travels with her husband, photographer Sam Flaherty, capturing the imaginations of like-minded people around the world. We spent a few days in India with Jessie laughing and dancing until the sun went down and discovered, that life really is what you make it.

Blenheim, New Zealand

Barcelona, Spain/London, United Kingdom

We loved celebrating our second birthday with you in Rajasthan, India for Leaders of Style III. What was your highlight from the trip?
The whole trip was a dream. It was both mine and Sam’s first time traveling to India, a destination that has been on our wish-list for forever, so it was super special for both of us. For me, the highlight was definitely the safari — being lucky enough to spot three wild tigers and see them all together through one binocular lens is a memory that will definitely last!

What did you love most about India; the home of wellness?
I loved the people of India. Everyone was so incredibly friendly and welcoming. It felt as though they all relished in being able to host you — we were lucky enough to spend an evening celebrating the recent birth of a child with some locals who we befriended. They made us feel like one of the family; they fed us until we were bursting, and we danced the evening away. They looked after us so well; this openness and hospitality was the most special thing to me.

What are your morning beauty and wellness rituals?
I’m pretty simple with my morning routine — I shower and wash my hair and face before putting on a face mask and making my morning coffee. It’s a ritual that sets me up for a relaxed and productive day.

Can you tell us the story behind We The People and a little insight into your creative vision?
We The People started years ago in New Zealand as a creative outlet for me to explore and share people with interesting style that I met and photographed on the street. I started the website when my (now) husband and I had just returned from an extended backpacking trip overseas and had bought a camera to document the adventure, and when we got back from our travels I just continued photographing. From there, it grew and developed to incorporate personal style as well as beauty, lifestyle and travel. For me, it’s still about exploring and documenting new experiences; traveling is what inspires me to keep picking up the camera and share my stories.

As a true creative, what does originality mean to you?
Originality to me is being true to what is important to you. When you’re working to your own vision and aesthetic, your work is, by definition, original.

As a successful business woman, what advice would you give to others who want to chase their dreams?
I honestly think that most of it is hard work; being willing to spend long hours honing and perfecting your approach, learning and growing. Also, be a bit bossy. And always wear a smile.

You and Sam have lived all around the world, where feels most like home?
It’s funny — we love the countries we have lived, and have definitely felt in our element in many different places, but nowhere is quite like landing on the tarmac after that long flight back to New Zealand. As soon as you’re off the plane there’s a familiarity and comfort that can’t be found anywhere else for me — the accents, food, relaxed nature, it all feels like home.

What destination are you yet to explore and would love to travel to?
I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to tick everything off my bucket list, there are too many places in the world to see! I hope in the coming years to visit some of Africa, Scotland, and to see more of South America.

What exciting projects are on the horizon?
We’re planning another big move — our time in Spain is nearly up! So we’re currently busy with everything that comes along with that; finding a flat, relocating our belongings, and getting settled. With this will come a bunch of new fun things to work on; it’s refreshing getting a new perspective and a change of surroundings; it always benefits our work.

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