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Kit Willow

Protect our planet, protect our children
and a harmonious future looks bright.


with Kit


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Cassandra Ladru and KITX

For Kit Willow Podgornik, the founder of Australian label KITX, kindness, integrity and transparency is at the heart of her brand. Always looking to the future, Kit is boldly disrupting the fashion industry with her ethical label of uncompromising quality, honest production and sense of purpose. Her modern designs are beautiful, wearable, and sourced consciously in a way that minimises impact to our precious land and oceans.

Understated and cool, the KITX woman is both perfect and imperfect; she is conscious about life and the world around her. She is feminine and strong, nurturing and inspiring. Her future is bright.

Can you tell us a little bit about your background and the KITX story?
I’m a born and bred Melbourne girl and grew up surrounded by love, creative minds and I was blessed with a strong education. A total born fashion lover, I completed a Bachelor of Commerce and then worked in the fashion industry until starting WILLOW in 2003, aged 23. After ten years WILLOW had new business owners and I started KITX, a brand driven by the creation of beautiful, strong, modern, wearable fashion that minimises its impact on our planet’s precious resources.

Describe your morning routine?
I do a 6.30am run with my dog, Chops, a Hungarian Vizsla, make my children’s breakfasts, make my children’s lunches, get my daughter ready and out the door by 7.30am; then it’s emails, get my son ready, take him to school and then straight to the office!

What are your favourite Sydney hangouts?
Sydney’s beautiful beaches and nature walks. I love Nielsen Park.

Can you give us a little insight into your creative process and what influences your designs?
My design is influenced by everything and anything; from the look of an interesting brick wall to art, to vintage fashion, but each look always starts with the fabric I’m working with.

What’s the inspiration behind your N° 7 collection?
Armour – a studded exterior that turns fluid and feminine before ending in colour. Also unrestricted draping in circular shapes.

Which Australian creatives, artists or designers are you loving at the moment?
Jo Lane, always.

Do you have a mantra or philosophy you live by?
Protect our planet, protect our children and a harmonious future looks bright.
KITX: Kindness, Integrity, Transparency. X for future.

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