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“‘When you change yourself, you change your perception of the Universe around you.”




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Modern mystic and DJ, Natalia Benson has taken life into her own hands; selflessly sharing her personal experiences to empower others with her affirmations, workshops and meditations. Through the power of positive influence, the Arizona-native has found her strength as one of LA’s most enlightened and authentic entrepreneurs, forging a career as a women’s empowerment coach and self- taught astrologer. A true Leader of Style and friend of BEAR, we hold a close affinity with Natalia’s holistic, yet down-to-earth approach to wellness and spirituality. To celebrate the launch of Sounds of Wellness II, we caught up with Natalia to hear more about her creative journey and her latest projects — including one we can’t wait to read.

Phoenix, Arizona

Los Angeles, California


Can you tell us a little about your journey as a creative?
It’s definitely been non-sequitur. I was a political science major in college, only to have a ‘spiritual awakening’ of sorts, where I realised that the way to heal the world is through each individual learning to love and honour themselves. Imagine a world where 7 billion people truly loved and accepted who they were? I went from political science to art, began my first jewellery line and moved to Los Angeles, initially to the dismay of my parents; at the beginning they didn’t really understand my entrepreneurial endeavours, but now they really respect what I’ve created and they see how much it touches people. I’ve transitioned through designing, learning social media, studying astrology, tarot and kundalini yoga, teaching myself DJ-ing and music production to becoming a spiritual teacher and women’s coach — all things I deem creative and remarkable in their own unique way. You could say my twenties were quite a ride.

How has both California and your home state of Arizona influenced your spiritual and wellness journey?
California in and of itself is fresh and open. I began both my spiritual and wellness journey after moving here, although it took a while for the healthy lifestyle to truly take hold of me. Arizona is my home and as I am getting older, I respect and love it more. The desert is truly my place of respite. My boyfriend lives in Palm Springs so I am there all of the time; having the balance of LA city life with the magic of the desert makes my soul happy, which I feel in turn assists me in serving better.

You empower people around the world with your positive influence; spreading love and wisdom through your affirmations, meditations and workshops. How do you balance the responsibility of being a mentor for men and women around the world?
This balance is truly a practice for me. Because I am an Aries and I love what I do so deeply, determining my ‘off-switch’ is a little challenging. Each day I make sure to do something for myself, even if it’s just my 10 minute prayer or a breath-work ritual in the morning. I look at myself in the mirror throughout the day and have little chats to keep me centred and to offer myself guidance and attention. I was just telling my mom yesterday how I am realising, especially recently, that it is deeply important for me to create time for myself so that I can teach, guide and serve from a clear, high and loving space. But yes, it’s still a practice of balance — I haven’t aced it just yet.

What are some of the greatest lessons you’ve learnt in life that you hope to share with others?
The blessing is you always have yourself, and you can always come home to yourself. You can always work on yourself. You can change yourself. And when you change yourself, you change your perception of the Universe around you.

What are you listening to at the moment?
Simrit, her Live Spring 2017 makes me weep. I also have a gym playlist that is completely the opposite that I am pretty obsessed with.

If we had a few days in LA, where would you recommend we explore?
Gjelina is forever my favourite; Erewhon Organic Grocer & Cafe, Tocaya Organica — organic Mexican food is heaven for me; Anine Bing on 3rd is my favourite place to shop; Pearls Tea on Fairfax; PCP (Paramount Coffee Project) on Fairfax for breakfast; and if you make it to Palm Springs, stay at The Parker.

What are your morning beauty and wellness rituals?
10 Gratitudes and 3 Life Visions in a quick meditation, then I wash my face with Image Skincare creamy cleanser followed by Youth to the People Adaptogen Mist and their Ashwagandha face lotion. When I wash my face I also send love through my hands to my skin and my face, because your face is where you greet the world.

As a true creative, what does originality mean to you?
Trust that your own authentic wisdom, beauty and message is worth sharing because you never know who’s life you may be healing or saving, by you being willing to be you.

What mantra do you live by?
Begin anywhere with what you have and get moving.

What’s next on the horizon?
Finishing my first ever book and beginning a magical Women & Money membership group. I have lots of fun courses out this summer including an Astrology Empowerment class series and my signature 7 Weeks to Self Love live course.

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