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“Nothing has been left undone, either by man or nature,
to make India the most extraordinary country that the sun visits on his rounds.
Nothing seems to have been forgotten, nothing overlooked.”




Saasha Burns



We’ve long been drawn to India and the ancient healing science of of Ayurveda, based on a deep understanding of the human body, mind and spirit. This incredible natural way of healing cultivates health and happiness, and at the heart lies the understanding that ‘all is one’ and everything exists in relation to everything else, rather than in isolation. For us, wellness is a holistic way of life, taking the time to invest in your health, both physically and mentally each day. These can be small rituals to create a sense of balance, from getting enough sleep, taking one of our Essential Daily Supplements with a large glass of water each morning, or spending time in nature. We caught up with the director of The Other Edit, Samantha Hewitt who recently traveled through Rajasthan and captured the magic of India. We hope it inspires you to start your own journey of wellness and self-discovery, at home or in this far away land. Namaste.

Nobbys Beach, Gold Coast

Bondi, Sydney

Describe your morning health and beauty rituals
The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is have a glass of water, a mouthful of apple cider vinegar and BEAR Perform for its B12 benefits (I need all the energy I can get). Most days I’m usually out the door to a Barry’s class followed by a cold shower and a delicious smoothie with super green powders, blueberries, spinach, bone broth and pea protein. I then apply my morning Rationale products – it’s my little moment of self love before the day begins. When it comes to make up I’m definitely a less is more kind of girl. I use Rationale’s Skin Superfuild 50+, Beautiful Bronze and Cheeks RMS “Un” Cover-up, Chantecaille Liquid Lumiere followed by ILIA mascara and Aesop lip balm. I roll on a dash of Ayu Souq and I’m good to go.

What are your travel essentials for India?
My Sony A7ii camera for capturing those in the moment shots, Love Travel India hand guides for the best of India’s regions, Aesop rinse-free hand wash well because, germs. A portable charger for long train/car journeys, versatile clothing perfect for both exploring and dining. I love simple tee’s (Jac + Jack), loose linen shirts and pants (Assembly Label), Albums Lumen because of their effortless, timeless and wearable pieces. Birkenstock’s for comfortable footwear, doTERRA DigestZen to soothe occasional stomach upsets along with activated charcoal tablets in case of an emergency. Also a bamboo loofah comes in handy in the shower after a day of exploring the streets of India.

India is the original home of wellness and self-discovery. What traditional practices do you love most?
India for me is a beautiful contrast between chaos and calm which to me essentially seems not too dissimilar to how life can be. I love how it’s such an integral part of their religion to take a moment to cherish and a moment to reflect each day. For me, I think there is something to be said for a daily practise of gratitude.

What is your favourite hotel experience?
The romantic Taj Lake Palace in the middle of Lake Pichola is hard to beat. It’s a luxury hotel like no other that echo’s it’s royal past with old-world glamour and service. Definitely a splurge but worth every dollar. On the humbler side, there’s 47 Jobner Bagh (a hidden gem), a delightful family run guesthouse in Jaipur which has a refined but relaxed aesthetic. It’s one of the most welcoming places I have ever stayed in where the staff and tranquil surrounds make you feel at home.

Favourite local market...
Phool Mandi (flower market) in Jaipur. It’s like walking into a wave of colour and perfume where you watch as the locals carry in endless bundles of marigolds, roses, and jasmine. A sunrise visit is a must. Also, hit the streets and head to Denna Chat Bhander for chaat (snacks). Don’t go past their famous pani puri and tomato chaat served in little earthenware pots. Only 20 rupees and so delicious.

Somewhere to reflect...
Rise early and take a boat ride along the holy ganges river in Varanasi. It’s certainly a moment to reflect as you watch the locals emerge to bathe and give their blessings.

A natural wonder...
The Tomb of Itimad-ud-Daulah, also known as the Baby Taj. It’s 20 years older than then Taj Mahal and definitely worth a visit.

Don’t leave India without...
Beaten brass work from Ram Singh Tambewale in Jaipur, essential oil perfume from Pushkar and cashmere from Jodhpur.

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