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“From the people to the architecture there was an underlying spiritual feeling that never went away.”




Saasha Burns

Sometimes in life, you come across a person that you feel such a deep connection with, even though you were born 8,454 miles apart. Tessa Barton is one of those people. It’s fitting timing, since we first met the creative and entrepreneur with her husband, Cole Herrmann, soaking up the sun in the desert at Coachella last year. Her innate warmth, humility and positive energy shines through, and you can’t help but feel relaxed around her. Raised in the mountains of Salt Lake City, Utah, the photographer, musician, artist and best-selling author now calls New York City home – when she’s not exploring the world in wonderful #tezzaapp technicolor. A true creative in every sense, Tessa joined us in Rajasthan, India for Leaders of Style III to celebrate our second birthday, where we had the opportunity to hear her thoughts on authenticity, her creative process, and her beauty and wellness rituals.

Salt Lake City, Utah

New York City

We loved celebrating our second birthday with you in Rajasthan, India for Leaders of Style III. What was your highlight from the trip?
Getting to spend time with the founders of BEAR learning so much about the products. I left feeling inspired to change my lifestyle and wanting to take care of myself and the beautiful world we live in.

What did you love most about India; the home of wellness?
I loved how even amongst so much chaos there was peace. From the people to the architecture there was an underlying spiritual feeling that never went away.

What are your morning beauty and wellness rituals?
I am a big advocate for meditating, even if you only have 5 to 10 minutes in the morning there is no better way to start the day. And being completely honest, I have now implemented so many BEAR products in my life adding NOURISH, Green Lady Finger Banana Essential Daily Superpowder into my yogurt, and taking vitamins every day.

Where would we find you on a Sunday afternoon in New York?
Probably at my favourite spot in the West village Rosemary’s, having a brunch with friends or walking around the east village popping in and out of art galleries and vintage shops with my husband.

Your photos are dreamlike, and you have an incredible way of capturing a moment and sharing your unique vision and perspective with the world. Can you describe your creative process?
I really became a photographer because I was so fascinated with the beauty around me I wanted to be able to capture it. I try not to force too much but rather let a moment come to life through my photographs.

As a true creative, what does originality mean to you?
To me having originality comes from being true and authentic to you. There are a million amazing creators but there isn’t another you. If you have a passion and a vision and really believe that, that will come through in your art and it will be original because it’s coming only from you!

What destination are you yet to explore, and would love to travel to?
I am absolutely dying to go to Africa!

What exciting projects are on the horizon?
I am really working on putting out more of my art and finding ways to connect things in a different way. My first love was music and so I am finding new ways to incorporate that into fashion and excited to put that out this year!

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