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Marianne Williamson

“Nature is infinitely creative. It is
always producing the possibility
of new beginnings.”



Our Creative Director, Saasha Burns shares five of her favourite wellness experiences in Tulum, on the Caribbean coastline of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula.

Stay at the recently opened, boutique hotel Casa Pueblo in the centre of Tulum town. The thoughtfully designed, minimalist 16 room property is the perfect base for the modern traveller. Rise early and start the day with a vinyasa yoga session and a holistic breakfast by the pool. Choose from their seasonal wellness menu, including a well made, locally sourced Buna coffee and one of their immune boosting tonics.

Explore a fresh water cenote, a natural swimming hole where you can swim with small fish and turtles. Nicte-Ha is a dreamy, locally known cenote about 20 minutes drive from Tulum. Try and arrive as soon as the gates open, to swim in the turquoise waters for an hour or two before anyone else arrives.

Hire a vintage beach cruiser and cycle from Tulum town to the beach. It’s a relaxing 30 minute ride to Beach Road, where you’ll find boutiques selling cotton hammocks, handwoven hats and ceramic tableware. Stop by Raw Love for a vegan superfood smoothie or açaí bowl filled with fresh mango and papaya. The Real Coconut and Matcha Mama are also nearby healthy go-to spots.

Yäan Wellness Energy and Spa is an energy-healing spa for much needed rest and relaxation. A paradise within a paradise, Yäan is inspired by nature and the ancestral wisdoms of the indigenous Mayans. Follow the white smoke trail of copal, a resin used to purify the energy of spaces, and indulge in a sensory healing experience that captures the magic of Tulum.

Spend late afternoon beachside at Be Tulum, relaxing on a daybed under the palm trees and swimming in the calm waves. Order the grilled prawn tacos, octopus ceviche and a
margarita, and cheers to good health and happiness as the sun slowly sets over the Caribbean Sea.

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